Introducing Core Academy and Core Game Dev Bootcamp


Today we’re launching two education programs to grow the next generation of game creators: Core Academy, a free online school for learning professional development skills, and Core Game Dev Bootcamp, an exclusive summer game industry bootcamp with Manticore Games.

Core Academy: The Best Place in the World To Learn Game Development

Our first launch today is Core Academy, a destination for free online classes for game creation and design.

In the near 50 years since Pong, the skills required to make games have grown so complex that they rival those for making Hollywood blockbusters. Even with widely available engines and tutorials, a solo developer needs to master multiple tools for art, animation and sound, and teach themselves programming, design, and systems.

That's why many courses have you spend hours learning simple mechanics and reprogramming games like Snake. Making games has become overly specialized and needlessly technical.

Core Academy teaches you everything you need to know to make great games, without the tedious stuff. You'll publish your first game, a playable multiplayer 3D shooter, in less than an hour.

Courses include detailed tutorials, videos, and hands-on examples, as well as weekly livestreams where instructors answer questions directly. The Core Academy Discord community provides design and coding help in real time. Core Academy is 100% free.

Four lessons are available now – Introduction, The Prototype, World Building and Player Mechanics – and more are to come by the end of May. Start today.

Core Game Dev Bootcamp: Exclusive Free One-Month Bootcamp To Learn Development from the Pros

One of Core’s tenets is to bring a whole new generation of creators to gaming. We believe our industry itself should be vastly more accessible. This summer, we will host a one-month online international bootcamp for aspiring professional developers. The program simulates real world development experience with daily workshops, direct training from Manticore Games developers, and group projects simulating professional work.

The game industry is notoriously difficult to break into, and this year, students around the world saw one route – professional internships – vanish. Reacting to stay-at-home orders and economic uncertainty from COVID-19, game companies shrank or outright canceled their internship programs.

Manticore still wanted to give students a venue for learning real-world skills. Students will learn skills relevant to their field – art, game design, or programming – as well as secrets for building a community, marketing, and streaming.

Core Game Dev Bootcamp is free, but space is very limited. Apply for your spot in the Core Game Dev Bootcamp today.