We are Manticore Games


We are creating a new form of online hardcore multiplayer gameplay that leverages user generated content. We are currently in stealth mode and recently announced the news of our funding. We are actively hiring and want to share a few (Manti)core elements about who we are as a team, and why you should join us.

We are Manticores!

Or, why the name Manticore. First off, Manticores are badass! A mix of a lion, a dragon and a scorpion; they are fierce, powerful and rare! The Manticore was also a very potent, yet often underestimated unit in Archon, one of my all time favourite games from 1983 (and one of the very first real time multiplayer PvP games).

At Manticore Games, we refer to someone as a Manticore if they are a multi-specialist; someone who can work deftly across multiple disciplines.For instance, our Principal 3D Artist also does Concept Art and she has an MS in Computer Science. Our Art Director is an individual contributor on most disciplines from tech-art to graphic design and is also a top notch pixel artist (he also made our logo and our website!). Our Senior Environment Artist is also a passionate UI designer, a 3D modeler and a video producer. Our Chief Creative Officer has a background in software engineering, game development, technical art and game design (he also does co-founder stuff). All of our engineers are full-stack and do gameplay engineering, AI, and backend logic. And most of our folks are also indie game developers on the side!

We Love Games!

Jordan and I started Manticore Games because we love games! So does the entire Manticore team, who are all passionate gamers and game makers! Our water cooler chat runs the gamut of games, gaming, game making, mods, streaming, esports, etc. Our days are full of creating gameplay and our evenings are full of real time multiplayer PvP games, MMO’s, RPG’s with recent favorites including PUBG, Rocket League, Summoners War, HotS, Overwatch, LoL, Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We also collect old classic game systems and games for the Apple II, Mattel Intellivision, Vectrex, Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga.

Our Mission: Create Gameplay Worth Sharing!

We believe that great game experiences inspire great conversations. Gameplay can transform us into storytellers, mentors, streamers, and strategists. When we come into work in the morning, we are overflowing with a need to share stories, replays, new team tactics, massive fails, unlocks, and more. We believe that passion makes games an invaluable part of our lives. It’s our mission at Manticore Games to create gameplay worth sharing, and enable others to do the same.

Join Us To Do the Best Work Of Your Life!

When we started Manticore Games, our team reflected on the happiest and most fulfilling game-making moments in our careers. In each case, we were working with passionate teams, solving difficult problems, and doing the best (and sometimes most difficult!) work of our lives, which lead us to make it one of our core mottos.

If you are a Manticore, love games, want to create gameplay worth sharing, aspire to do the best work of your life, please, come join us! manticoregames.com/careers