3D Environment Artist

We are looking for a 3D Environment Artist, as we are working in stealth mode, to build highly modular props, architecture, and organic environment assets for a new form of multiplayer entertainment, revolutionizing the way we create, play, and share gameplay experiences.

To apply, please send a short cover email, including your resume or a link to your updated LinkedIn profile and a link to your portfolio (for art positions) to: JOBS@MANTICOREGAMES.COM


  • Create 3d assets ranging from hard surface structures to organic foliage
  • Use your understanding of optimized low poly asset creation such as modular kits to take into account efficiency, speed and cross dependencies
  • Interpret concept designs while taking into account technical and design constraints such as draw calls, poly counts, texture memory limits, and gameplay boundaries
  • Communicate with various other disciplines to ensure all assets are performant


  • Have experience with game engines, development process and level design
  • Interpret artistic direction (with or without reference) by being an intuitive and active listener
  • Guru with programs like Maya/Max, Zbrush/Mudbox, and Photoshop.
  • Mastery of next-gen PBR material workflows leveraging Substance Painter/Designer
  • Be a maestro at problem solving creative challenges on the fly.


  • 3+ years of feature film/VFX/game cinematics experience as an environment modeling artist
  • Deep understanding of architecture/foundation in traditional arts