System / IT Admin

We are looking for a part time sys admin to build out and maintain our network infrastructure.

To apply, please send a short cover email, including your resume or a link to your updated LinkedIn profile and a link to your portfolio (for art positions) to: JOBS@MANTICOREGAMES.COM

Initially this would include setting up a domain controller and active directory authentication for servers and devices. Maintenance would include user account creation, managing VPN access, PC hardware building and maintenance, new employee setup, etc.

We are also interested in unix system administration including scripting work to maintain/improve the back up process for perforce, build farm creation and administration, setup for nightly builds (likely jenkins), etc.

In a perfect world, one person would handle all of the above, but we realize it may require two people due to the different skill sets required.
We are also interested in any trusted contract service providers that could handle one or both.